WEBINAR 4/11, 2021, 16:00 - 17:00

Continuous Everything - Faster or Better or Both

Det första webinaret i höstens webinarserie tillsammans med Blekinges Tekniska Högskola. Webinaret kommer att sändas på engelska.

Most have heard of CI/CD as an approach to continuous and streamlined software deliveries. However, few have realized that achieving the full potential requires continuous:

  • product planning
  • management
  • design
  • engineering/development
  • integration
  • testing
  • delivery

That is, to get the potential the entire company has to contribute.

How is this done? How and what can be automated? What is the speed needed? What are the benefits, what are the costs? What investments into “continuous” are relevant in a given market
and domain setting? To what are the investments of retrofitting existing products with a continuous pipeline?

We offer an overview, and present ongoing research into “sensible” and evidence-based automation and continuous activities identifying bottlenecks and how the continuous concept can fit your domain, context and organization.

Dr. Eriks Klotins

Dr. Eriks Klotins will be presenting this webinar. He is working on the cost-benefit perspective on continuous software engineering (CI/CD). His work includes analyzing how to utilize continuous principles throughout the organization best to benefit from faster time-to-market, frequent customer input, and data-driven techniques to fine-tune the product to exact customers’ needs and attain the organizational objectives. Eriks has extensive industry experience in developing software products in fast-paced, dynamic environments. He recently acquired a Ph.D. degree in the area of software engineering practices for start-ups. Currently, Eriks is a post-doctoral researcher at the Blekinge Institute of Technology.