Have a good and constructive dialogue with Moving Motivators

Did you also have a welcome-back breakfast and then it was crowded? We've been working remotely for two years and now that we're coming back to our workplaces, there may be a lot going on in our lives. You may have moved house, had a baby, got a dog, started a new job with new teams and colleagues - well, a lot may have changed... How are your employees feeling about this change and what is important to them? Use Moving Motivators to have a good and constructive dialogue!

We are back in the offices and there are suddenly a lot of new impressions to take into account. New colleagues to get to know, an office landscape where everyone can talk to each other at any time. Perhaps we don't feel as used to social impressions and interaction now as we did before the pandemic hit. 

Have you stopped to reflect on the differences that arose in this shift and what it means for each individual?

Now that we at Olingo are getting out more in our missions, we see that this recession may have more impact than we thought. We think now is the time to stop and reflect on what this shift means for me and my colleagues. You as a manager - how are your employees feeling and what is important to them?

At Olingo, we use Moving Motivators to help us create these discussions. Instead of asking "how are you?", which in probably 90% of cases is automatically answered with "I'm fine", you can use Moving Motivators to create a good and constructive dialogue. Most companies now have pay and performance reviews with forward planning. Motivational factors and how we feel are things that can be important to include in these discussions. 

In addition to the manager-to-employee relationship, Moving Motivators also works for teams, project managers, coaching, employee-to-employee, everyone. It can even be a great game to take home and do with your partner.

We at Olingo have been using Moving Motivators internally and although many of us have been working together for years, we have found new insights about each other! The game is part of Management 3.0 which is a model for leadership in an agile world. It consists of 10 cards with different motivators, such as freedom, honour, togetherness, curiosity and expertise. You can see some examples below.

Get in touch with us if you'd like a deck to try out at your workplace, and we'll tell you more. In this article you can read more about the game and how it works!

Nina Söderberg Operations Consultant nina.soderberg@olingo.se

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