GDPR replaces PUL – What does it mean for IT? 5/12

Seminar with lecturers from Olingo and Advokatfirmorna Vinge & Fylgia. Scheduled seminars are visible at the bottom of this page. Contact us if the time doesn't fit or if you're interested in a company-in-house opportunity.Audience: Decision-makers in IT and the business
Time: Breakfast from 08.00, the seminar runs between 8.30 am and 10.00. Between 10.00 and 10.30 am there is the possibility of depression and questions.
Price: Free.

Our seminars are preferably aimed at Olingo's customers. As our seminars are often fully booked, we have to limit the number of participants from the same organization. If you are several interested, we can instead deliver the seminar on site with you! Prior to the seminar, a notice with further information is deleted.

The seminar provides a good overview of differences and gaps between the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GG), abbreviated to GDPR,) and Swedish PUL, as well as how the work on adapting to the new law can be planned.

Gdpr replaces PUL. The corresponding applies to all EU Member States (and markets). The aim is to facilitate trade within/to the EU.

The new law also aims to further strengthen the protection of the individual's personal data while meeting the individual's right to access, have their data corrected and the right to be forgotten. The individual also has the right to be informed of the data collected, for which purpose, storage time and information about who has access.

This means that most organisations now need to carry out a comprehensive review and analysis of what changes need to be made in processes- procedures, systems and documentation to ensure proper processing and storage of personal data – internally and/or through their subcontractors.

Here are examples of what GDPR, and the seminar, include and what each organization and IT need to consider.

  • Increased focus on privacy and privacy
  • Extended consent requirements
  • Review of systems, processes, roles and procedures
  • Obligation to report infringement/personal data incident within 72 hours
  • Review of agreements
  • High fines

In other words, there are many reasons to now prepare and plan for the adjustment to GDPR.

Welcome to sign up for a rewarding and inspiring seminar!

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Ammi Södergård is an Olingo consultant with compliance (compliance) and GDPR as a specialist area. You reach her on
Nicklas Vinge
Nicklas Thorgerzon is a lawyer at Vinge law firm. He specializes in law in the field of privacy protection and the processing of personal data.
Katarina Lindgren is a lawyer at The Law Firm Fylgia. She specializes in law in areas including the Personal Data Act and data protection issues, IT law and Company Law.
Per Ditzinger is a Olingo consultant specialization in Information Security, Compliance and Access Management.
Per has many years of experience from activities with the kingdom's harshest information security requirements.



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