The video above is from the webinar about the balance between agiality and stability.

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Presentations From our Webinar

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ITIL in depth

In this webinar we go in depth and learn about what is new in ITIL 4 and what the main values of the framework are.

Agile intro

An introduction to agile frameworks and methods, as well as how and when they should be applied.

Leadership in an agile world

How should managers and leaders act in a world where we are increasingly self-sustaining teams and employees?

What is DevOps?

An introduction to the agile framework DevOps. We get a quick history lesson on why the framework has arisen and how it is used.

Scrum Master and Product Owner

How should the Scrum Master and the product owner act as the radar pair they are?

Balance agile and stable

How do you find the right balance between agiality and stability in your organisation? Is it always right to work agile or are there other ways, and when fits what?

What is the value of value streams?

We talk about value streams, what it is, what the benefits are and how to use them. We also learn how value streams are described in ITIL 4.

What is SAFe?

An introduction to the Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe.

Scrum Mastern - who is he?

Who is a Scrum Master, and what does it really do?

The product owner - who is he?

Who is the product owner and what does one do?

What is the value of ITIL and what is the benefit?

A review of the ITIL framework, and what the advantage of it is.