Consulting services

More carpentry than modular construction.

We help our customers do the right things, in the right way, with a clear focus on business value and customer benefit.

The assignments we carry out are based on the customer's needs and unique situation. That means, in every new case, we are not using the same packaged consulting service as with some of our other customers. Instead, we are based on the specific need as well as the competence and ability of our consultants to create lasting change.

Typical challenges among our customers

  • Increased agiality without sacrificing stability
  • Drive organizational development towards cross-functional, self-governing teams
  • Increase maturity and competence about methods and leadership in an agile context
  • Coordination, governance and interaction with operations and suppliers
  • Clarify the IT-organization's target, role, services and collaborate with the rest of the organization

What is often required is a combination of expert support and skills development. We combine solid experience in change management with deep expertise in established frameworks and models.

We are not bound to any specific frameworks, models or methods but apply those that add the most value to the customer in any given situation. Examples of frameworks we use and train within include DevOps, SAFe®, ITIL4®, pm3®, ADKAR® and SIAM®.

Our goal is for our customers to develop their own ability to drive business development and build continuous improvement work into everyday life.

Strength in knowledge exchange & balance

One of Olingo's greatest strengths is the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between our consultants. This means that when you hire Olingo, you get all the consultants' expertise. 

We work in two areas, a consultant area and a training area. Those two together provide a good balance. The balance between the expert support we provide and the ability to build internal competency among our customers. It also provides a good balance for our consultants who get the chance to unwind pedagogy and theory with practical application.

Packaged services

After all, we have a handful of consulting services that we have packaged. The fact that a service is packaged means that it has a predetermined scope, a described methodology and can be obtained at a fixed cost.

Innovation Spark is a concept for idea generation and concretizes ideas that can develop the business.

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Current position and maturity analysis notice concrete areas of improvement in your IT governance and IT operations and provides a good basis for long-term development work.

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Has it happened that you have not been given the full effect of projects carried out to develop the business?
To ensure that the newly established ways of working develop into a habit, we offer the Olingo Reinforcement service.

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Strategic Assessment is a collective name for several possible evaluation tracks, such as digital readiness assessment, cloud assessment and executive assessment. The purpose of all these is to give an objective picture of the organization's prerequisites for success in a specific area.

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