About olingo

Olingo was founded in 2008 with a vision to become Sweden's most respected and appreciated provider of consulting and training services for streamlining IT delivery. We help you establish the organization and working method needed to create a business-driven business. 

Olingo is part of Time People Group AB

As consultants, we are more carpenters than builders, more entrepreneurs than managers. Instead of ready-made modules that we put in place, we start from the customer's unique situation and create a solution that is "site built". Our toolkit consists of relevant models, frameworks* and methods that we know to use in the best way. We know the craft. We focus on what we will achieve together and choose the options that are best suited for the purpose. The tool or method itself should never be in focus. It is the actual change in culture, attitude and way of working, as well as the ability to develop the business itself, that counts.

Our mission is to create a value-creating IT delivery that is both agile and stable. Success requires a good collaboration between IT and its, often internal, customers and suppliers.

*SAFe®, DevOps, ITIL®, Scrum® etc.


For us at Olingo, it is important to somehow contribute to a better world. Every year we allocate part of the company's profits to charitable causes. We are sponsors of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.