19/4, 2022, 16:00 - 17:00


You probably have a Scrum board, Kanban board, Trello board or otherwise visualize your work today. But often it can feel like it's not quite right for your particular team...

What would it be like to be able to create icons, avatars (of you in the team) and symbols that are your own? To have your own prio icons, custom team boards and status boards? To have variations of templates for retrones, visions and countdowns, burndown charts and more?

But how do you go about creating these custom visualised elements?

How can you create your own icon library and templates quickly and easily?

From the contents:

  • Reinforcing your way of communicating in meetings by drawing.
  • How you can use more visualization, drawn elements during agile meetings such as sprint planning, retrospective and create more fun stand ups.
  • Why visual communication creates engagement.

Frida Panoussis, Graphic Facilitator, Graphic Recorder and Scrum Master and Graphic Facilitation Trainer at Olingo, will share her experiences as a consultant and how you can get started with visualising more.